Preparing for Connected and Automated Vehicles: Testing, Validation and Certification

Tom Brewer, CEO/President of Intelligent Mobility Planning, LLC and long-time expert in automotive matters in Tennessee, offers the below thoughts on the status of vehicle testing. Baker Donelson has been fortunate to work on a project with Mr. Brewer, and we are very impressed with the depth of his knowledge.

As connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology races toward reality, there is an equal (if not greater) number of issues to address concerning safety, liability, infrastructure and cybersecurity. These issues are beginning to be defined and developed through testing, validation and certification¬†(TV&C) protocols by numerous entities (Academic / Industry / Government Agencies) in the U.S. and worldwide. (more…)

Insurance Consideration for Autonomous Vehicles

The recent A.M. Best podcast “The Approaching Wave of Autonomous Vehicles Drives New Risks to Insurers – Episode #154” is timely in light of changing patterns of automobile design and ownership.¬†Those who wonder if the state regulatory system and insurance industry can handle autonomous vehicle development need look no further than Tennessee’s response to problems caused by Uber and self-driving vehicles. (more…)